How We Conduct and Lead

Competitive Intelligence in Asia

Solidiance's area of expertise covers the heavy industrial, manufacturing, automotive, chemical, construction related industries, healthcare, telecommunications and green tech industries.

Our teams of consultants have developed a strong expertise in data collection, analysis and interpretation. This collection of strategic information is not only limited to market data, but also includes competitor’s information. Conducting competitive intelligence study is an art that requires experience and confidence in execution, but also a strong network of connections. Our consultants are trained in conducting such kind of studies, across various industries. Not only they have a strong existing network of contacts they can leverage, but they also have the knowledge on how to expend their network beyond sectors they are the most familiar with.

Getting competitor’s strategic information should be done in an ethical way. We pay great attention on how we conduct competitive intelligence studies to comply with ethical business practices. This aspect is usually extremely important for our Fortune 500 clients, and we make sure to strictly abide to the rules of compliance.

Solidiance have recently proven to be an excellent partner for our teams, providing reliable insights and understanding of markets we operate within across Asia. Their advice and guidance has helped both develop and refine a strategic approach to how we operate in the region and I am very happy to recommend their work and capabilities.

David Fang (Director of Global Market and Competitive Intelligence Covidien)